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Addressing high credit card debt

Excessive credit card debt can create problems for people trying to get their fiscal house into good shape. Unfortunately, Michigan residents may experience a job loss or unexpected and necessary living expenses that force them to borrow excessively. At some point, it...

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Chapter 13 payment plans explained

Overwhelming debt can be impossible to overcome once it reaches a certain point. Michigan residents who lack the income and assets to address their debt situation may seek protection under the appropriate bankruptcy law. Those who file Chapter 13 bankruptcy will...

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Unsecured versus secured debt

Many Michigan residents carry some level of debt. Debt can be a dangerous thing, and having a comprehensive understanding of it can be crucial to your financial well-being. Many potential sources of debt exist, from mortgages and car loans to credit card debt and...

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Michigan bankruptcy basics

The United States Bankruptcy Court in Michigan handled 13,533 bankruptcy cases in 2022. And most cases are Chapter 7 bankruptcy, with 9,266 filings. You might choose to file bankruptcy if you want a legal way to erase some of your debt when repayment is impossible or...

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