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Month: December 2019

What are ways to reduce credit card interest?

According to NerdWallet, American household incomes have grown faster than the cost of living for the past decade. Despite that, consumer debt continues to rise. As of December 2019, the total revolving credit card debt in the nation is $443.96 billion. The average...

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Can you discharge student loans?

If you are between the ages of 25 and 34, odds are good that you worry about repaying your student loan(s). Approximately one-third of Americans in that age group have debt due to a federal student loan. Together, Americans owe over $1.5 trillion in federal student...

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Is credit counseling convenient?

One of the requirements of a court approving your bankruptcy case is that you undergo a credit counseling session. This session must take place before the actual bankruptcy process begins. For Michigan residents new to bankruptcy, it should be emphasized that credit...

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Revitalizing your finances after bankruptcy

Resilience is no stranger to Michigan residents, and many families are able to revitalize their finances after a bankruptcy. At Phoenix Law, we understand the struggles associated with trying to pay down an overwhelming amount of debt, especially when it appears there...

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