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Month: September 2020

What is an exemption in bankruptcy?

Filing Chapter 7 may be intimidating at first because it is a liquidation process, which means the court can seize your assets and sell them to repay your debts. However, the court does not want to leave you destitute after your bankruptcy. The goal is to help you get...

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What is bankruptcy liquidation?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy processes may give you options for paying back your creditors when you no longer have a source of income or your debt far outpaces it. According to the United States Courts, both individuals and companies may file for this type of bankruptcy once...

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What is a secured credit card?

If you have just filed for bankruptcy, a credit card is likely the last thing that you need or want. However, not all credit cards are equal, and some of them can be a great tool to help you rebuild your credit score in the aftermath of filing bankruptcy. Secured...

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