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Reviews From Former Clients

“Peter is straight to the point type of guy. He will tell you what needs to be done to help you in whatever situation you are in. He will help you understand your options in a simple and not so complicated way. He’s just an overall awesome person who will be honest and will work hard to guide you in the direction that will better your future.”

– Gerry C.

“Peter was great to work with. He was able to explain all of our options in a manner that was easy to understand, and walked us through each step of the process (which made it far less intimidating). The entire staff is professional and responsive.”

– Pat M.

“Peter and Jeri Behrmann are great people to work with. They are very knowledgeable and very professional. I would highly recommend their services to family, friends, co-workers and anyone I know in a tough situation. They work with their clients to provide services from beginning to end. You will have someone to help you all the way through the process. I can’t say enough about how wonderful this company is. You will not feel judged and you will feel the support from a family owned business.”

– Kristy W.

“Would like to highly recommend Phoenix Law – Peter and Jeri offer exceptional service and consultation to anyone considering bankruptcy. Their family owned practice structure is fantastic! You’ll meet with the owner of a firm that only practices in personal bankruptcy and feel confident knowing that they are the one handling your case through the entire process, from initial consultation all the way to the end. Meet with them to explore what options may be best for YOU in your particular situation.”

– Dave R.

“Great lawyers, very knowledgeable about all aspects of personal bankruptcy!”

– John B.

“Peter was very friendly and on top of things from start to finish.”

– Joe B.

“Peter is very knowledgeable and caring. He is who you should talk to when you need help. I highly recommend.”

– David M.

“I had a great experience. Peter took the fear out of what I was going through. Took the time to explain things. I have and will continue to refer friends and family.”

– Kevin L.

“I have worked with Peter and he is a diligent bankruptcy attorney. I have no problem with referring a client to him and encourage you to speak with him if you are having debt problems.”

– Christopher M.

“Peter and Jeri are great attorneys. I completely trust them!”

– Jazzmyn P.

“I have sent several people to Peter and Jeri and they have always taken great care of them!”

– Erin M. 

“We were fortunate when we chose Peter to assist us with our bankruptcy. When we walked into his office for the first time, I felt like a failure, but he was able to help plot our best course of action without judgment or blame. He took the time to understand our situation before presenting our options. We were informed and prepared every step of the way.”

– Pat

“we went in to consult for a bankruptcy… he was very honest in that we did not need to file… he gave us advice and recommended another plan. He was excellent!”

– Nanette H.

“I was concerned about filing for bankruptcy, but after a meeting with Peter I decided to move forward. If you prepare properly and provide Peter with all the paperwork and facts he needs, your case will move along smoothly and quickly! Thank You to Peter and his staff!”

– Fraser