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Month: July 2020

Can you get a credit card after bankruptcy?

A history of debt accumulation that leads to bankruptcy can make it more difficult for you to obtain credit in the future. However, this does not mean that bankruptcy makes it impossible for you to obtain credit cards after discharging your debts through bankruptcy....

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What are some misconceptions about bankruptcy?

Michigan residents like you may need some extra financial help from time to time. In dire cases, there are options available to you. Bankruptcy is one of these options.  But bankruptcy also has a strong stigma surrounding it. Because of this stigma, rumors often...

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Does bankruptcy require you to sell your dog?

As a dog owner, you recognize the many joys your furry friend brings to your life. You may not even think of the dog as an animal. Instead, your pooch seems like a member of the family. If you are waiting to take control of your finances because of a fear of losing...

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