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Month: May 2020

The benefits of Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Individuals who are in over their heads with debt often envision a future without any monetary obligations. Most of these individuals want to obtain that debt free life immediately, which they can do through Chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, though Chapter 7 works to...

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What is the chapter 7 means test?

Bankruptcy offers you a chance to get out from under overwhelming debt and rebuild your finances. There are two basic options: chapter 7 and chapter 13. Each one has its own benefits and eligibility requirements, so you may need to research both to figure out which...

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What is a balance transfer card?

There are many ways to manage your credit card debt. Many people spend a lot of time coming up with a strategy that works for them: popular strategies include the snowball method and the avalanche method. However, there is another option. Many people choose to apply...

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