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Is creditor harassment worth filing bankruptcy over?

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2020 | Firm News

Michigan residents like you know that debt collectors are often overbearing. Sometimes, they are so aggressive that their behavior counts as harassment. When faced with debt collector or creditor harassment, you can file for bankruptcy. This will put an end to harassing behavior.

But is it worth your while? Should you consider filing for bankruptcy? Will it end creditor harassment that you are facing?

Harassing behavior by creditors

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau examines harassment carried out by debt collectors. These actions cover a wide spectrum, but often do not get into physical harassment or abuse. Still, creditors use many intimidation tactics. They often threaten to kick you and your family out of your home. They may call you at inappropriate hours. Some people report that collection agents have parked outside of their home. They do this to unnerve the occupants.

Sometimes, debt collectors resort to abusive and hateful language. They may leave threatening voicemails or letters that include swearing or even slurs. The fact that these actions are not legal do not stop them. This harassment can happen over a period of weeks or months. In extreme cases, it may even last for years. Many families find themselves suffering from paranoia, fear and depression over this onslaught.

Putting an end to harassment

Your personal level of tolerance will dictate when you file for bankruptcy. But know that escaping creditor harassment is one of many potential benefits. You can regain financial stability. You can escape the abuse you may have suffered through. If you have gone through this turmoil for months or even years, it is at its end. In other words, it is a win-win situation.