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Chapter 13 and repayment plans

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2020 | Firm News

Chapter 13 is advantageous for many individuals for a host of reasons. However, it is crucial to carefully review this process before filing a petition and have a clear understanding of the responsibilities that come with Chapter 13. When taking this route, people set up repayment plans that are tailored to their financial circumstances. Many people are able to secure a manageable repayment plan and ultimately eliminate get rid of all of their debt. 

Aside from financial freedom, Chapter 13 also allows many people to retain key assets, such as a vehicle or their home. 

The perks of repayment plans 

For starters, those who file for Chapter 13 often avoid repaying the full amount of what they owe. These plans are set up in accordance with one’s financial situation, such as their living expenses and income, so many people have the ability to fulfill their obligations and get rid of debt once the plans are successfully completed. These plans last from three to five years and provide a clear path to financial freedom, often relieving anxiety and uncertainty. 

Understanding your obligations 

If you are certain that Chapter 13 is the most sensible solution to your financial problems, it is imperative to have a clear understanding of your obligations. Make sure that you satisfy the requirements of your repayment plan and take all financial factors into account when approaching the bankruptcy process. If you review our website, you will find more information on filing for Chapter 13 and other facets of bankruptcy law. Also, try to keep a positive attitude and look toward the future.