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Can you avoid summer credit card debt?

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2020 | Firm News

Most Americans struggle with credit card debt. While this can be a year-round struggle, there are seasons where people feel compelled to spend more money. In the summer months, consumer spending increases. Often, this leads to reliance on credit cards. If you are actively trying to reduce your credit card debt, summer might seem like an obstacle. 

U.S. News has some tips on how to decrease your credit card debt throughout your summer vacation. 

Create a tight budget 

It is easy to feel lured into spending money throughout the summer season. Those afternoon cocktails and trips to the beach, however, can wind up stacking on the costs. This does not mean that you cannot enjoy these pastimes. You simply want to have a budget in place, in advance. Track your spending and know what you are willing to spend every week on your summer plans. Write down your budget or track your budget with your mobile device. 

Look for activity discounts 

Discount passes are common in the summer. You may find discount passes for amusement parks, zoos, museums and other entertainment options. If you can find free or reduced admission on specific days or when you travel with family or a group, take advantage of these opportunities. 

In addition to discounts, try to stay close to home. Instead of expensive travel, consider a staycation. Explore nearby cities or attend music festivals close to home. You might find several free activities in or around your community. Complimentary events may include free concerts or movies in the park. Picnics, hikes and bike rides are also free to enjoy throughout the summer.