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A Family-Owned, Family-Focused Bankruptcy Firm

Our husband-and-wife legal team is here to provide experienced, compassionate legal help for bankruptcy cases.
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Experienced Bankruptcy Firm in Livonia

Helping People Like You Resolve Debt Problems

Debt has the ability to put you and your family in financial bondage. It brings with it a slew of collection agencies and harassing phone calls that warn of foreclosures and repossessions that fill you with anxiety. If you and your family are drowning in debt, Phoenix Law is here to help you get back on your feet. We help people like you – who have fallen on hard times due to family illness, job loss, reduced work hours, or divorce – to regain control of their financial situation. 
In order to help you, we offer the services of some of the most experienced bankruptcy attorneys in the Detroit Metro area. These attorneys are committed to helping clients discharge and reduce various debts to avoid serious outcomes. We understand that clients will have questions regarding bankruptcy, so our attorneys will take the time to advise you on whether bankruptcy is right for you and which steps you should take to get the maximum benefit from filing bankruptcy.

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If you are struggling to meet payment deadlines for a mortgage, credit card payments, car loans, or other bills, we can help you. Sometimes, filing bankruptcy is your best opportunity to get lasting debt relief. We know from experience that there is life after bankruptcy – we see it every day! 
The sooner you contact us, the sooner you can get back your financial freedom for yourself and your family. Give us a call for a free consultation so we can put an end to your struggle and give you another chance at financial stability. We have an excellent support staff standing by to assist you.
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