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Livonia Bankruptcy Law Blog

Differences between secured and unsecured debts

If you are struggling to pay your debts, it may be a good idea to seek protection from creditors in a Michigan court. In many cases, filing for bankruptcy can help you eliminate both secured and unsecured debts. Take a closer look at the differences between these two...

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How the automatic stay works in bankruptcy

If a consumer in Michigan gets overwhelmed with debt, they may decide to file for bankruptcy. Consumers commonly choose to liquidate through Chapter 7 or repay debt through Chapter 13. Both have the benefit of the automatic stay. How the automatic stay works The...

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Could mortgage curtailment help you?

Curtailing your mortgage payments is a financial option that relieves you of mortgage debt ahead of your payment schedule. If you can pay your mortgage off early, you won't have to pay back as much money because you'll be saving on interest. If you're a Michigan...

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