What are
My Alternatives?

The Alternatives

Speak to a Financial Professional
- Assess Your Financial Situation & Create Plan to Repay Debts. Establish Budget, Manage/Create Savings, Plan Financial Goals.

Borrow From a Close Family Member or Friend - Ask for Assistance, Borrow Money to Resolve Some of the Debt, Set Realistic Timeframe for Repayment

Talk to Your Lender About Possible Alternatives - Be Honest, Forthcoming & Explain Situation. Ask for Assistance in Coming Up with Solution so They Can Get Paid.

Refinancing Existing Loans - Research How You Can Refinance Debt at a Lower Interest Rate

Borrow From your 401(k) - Do NOT consider taking a 401(k) Loan to pay off your debts. Your 401(k) is for your retirement and taking a loan from your 401(k) will create more of a hardship for you in your future.

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