Why Do I Need to
Disclose All My Assets?

Why Should You Disclose All Assets?

You must sign your bankruptcy papers under penalty of perjury, swearing that everything in them is true.

You're Swearing That:

  • Forms Are Complete
  • ALL Property, Income, & Debts Listed

Filing incomplete or inaccurate bankruptcy forms can lead to your case being dismissed -- or worse, if the court thinks you left out information or made statements that aren't true on purpose.

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Tell the Whole Truth When You File For Bankruptcy. Don't get clever and try to hide property. It will come back to haunt you.

List Every Creditor

Don't Omit Creditors Just Because You Like Them

Include Money You May Have Coming To You

  • An inheritance From Recently Deceased Relative That You Haven't Yet Received
  • Stock Options, Trust Funds, or Tax Refunds
  • Pensions, Retirement Funds, Annuities, & Life Insurance
  • Judgments from Lawsuits You've Filed or Could File, Arising From Personal Injury or Other Matters

Don't Deliberately Hide Assets or Other Financial Details

The punishment for fraud is serious. Jail time is not unusual for those who try to hide property from the court and get caught.

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