I Am Not Keeping My Home. What Will Happen To It?

I Am Not Keeping My Home. What Will Happen To It?

If your home is in foreclosure or you are surrendering the property, then keep the following in mind:

  • You might want to hire a lawyer to defend yuor foreclosure or inform you of your rights.
    • These services are not part of your bankruptcy retainer with our firm.

If you do not hire a lawyer to help you with the foreclosure, please keep in mind that there will be a date when you have to vacate the home.

  • First, the mortgage company will need to get permission from the Bankruptcy Court to continue foreclosure. That permission is called an "Order Granting Relief from the Automatic Stay." 
    • In Florida:
      • The Court should send you a notice of when you have to move.
      • The notice you are looking for is called an "Order for Sale."
      • Be sure to vacate prior to the date on the Order for Sale.
    • In Michigan:
      • The matter is more complicated and you should hire a lawyer.

Do not worry about having to surrender your keys or door openers.

  • Do not send keys or openers to our offices.