Get a Free Bankruptcy Consultation from a Livonia Attorney!

Get a Free Bankruptcy Consultation from a Livonia Attorney!

Get a Free Bankruptcy Consultation from a Qualified Livonia Bankruptcy Attorney!

We provide every new bankruptcy client with a free initial consultation that is completely confidential. We will review your specific situation and recommend a solution that we feel will work for you. Sometimes, our solution is Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, sometimes our solution is Debt Consolidation, Short Sale, or doing an offer and compromise on your debt. Regardless, of your issues the free consultation allows us to not only explain the bankruptcy process to you, but allows us to get a complete understanding of your situation and develop a plan to get you out of debt!

What to expect at your Free Consultation:

At this consultation, we will go through and get a complete list of your debts, including:

• Mortgages
• Vehicle Loans
• Credit Cards
• Medical Bills
• Student Loans
• Pay Day Loans
• Personal Loans (Even Personal Loans from Family Members)
• Utility Bills
• Lawsuits and Judgments
• Any other debts of any kind you have

We then take you through your potential assets, including:

• Real-estate
• Vehicles (Boats, Trailers, Snowmobiles, etc)
• Cash
• Bank Accounts
• Potential Lawsuits
• People who owe you money
• Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, 401Ks and IRA’s
• Life Insurance
• Any other assets of any kind you have

Next, we will take you through all of your income and expenses, including:

• Income from employment
• Income from self-employment
• Income from social security, or other retirement income
• Expenses needed for your basic living
• Expenses needed for your business or self-employment
• Any other Income or Expenses of any kind that you have

Lastly, after we have a complete understanding of your financial situation we will take you through an educational packet which will provide you with:

• The difference between the different kinds of bankruptcy
• The Bankruptcy Process, and what to expect when filing bankruptcy
• My advice on what you should do IF you are going to file bankruptcy
• My advice on what kind of bankruptcy you should, or should not do
• A written quote on what your total bankruptcy will cost you, including all court costs, credit counseling fees
• A written payment plan to make your bankruptcy affordable to you

At the end of the free consultation, we will review any last questions you have and it’s your choice what to do next. Some people decide to get started on the spot, some people wait a day or two to get started, and some clients come back three years later to finally get started. Regardless, we believe the consultation should be no pressure, you need to make the decision, with my advice, when is the best time for you to file bankruptcy. During the free consultation we will simply advise you if bankruptcy is a viable option or if other options may be available for you, you will then be able to make the decision when you want begin the process of receiving your fresh start!