How Do I Find a
Qualified Attorney?

How Do You Find a Qualified Attorney?

An attorney that will act in my best interest and protect me?

First, you have already found two! Peter and Jeri have devoted their entire practice to bankruptcy and work every day in assisting clients throughout Metro Detroit with getting out of debt.

Here are several other ways to find a great attorney:

  • Recommendation by Other Attorneys - Ask for a Referrals
    - More than half of our new clients come from personal referrals !
  • Guidance from Family & Friends - Get Insight from Their Experiences
    - Check out what our clients have to say about us!
  • The Internet - Use legal websites and search engines
    - Google "Livonia Bankruptcy Attorney" (Anyone that has done bankruptcy long enough should be on the first page or two.)
    - AVVO -  Check out our reviews on Stay away from attorney referral sites. ( or
  • Yellow Pages - Under Attorney Sub-Heading:ATTORNEYS, BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEYS, or BANKRUPTCY
    - Check out our AT&T Yellow Page Page 
  • Contact Phoenix Law - And Find Out What We Will Do For You, We Are Focused on You

Here are several things to look for in finding a great bankruptcy attorney:

  • Bankruptcy is All They Do - Bankruptcy laws are very complex, you do not want an attorney that does a little bit of everything.
    - Peter and Jeri have devoted their entire law practice to Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy!
  • How Does the Staff Treat You? - You will be working with them for several months, if they are not friendly to you on the phone, or even in person find someone who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated!
    - Give our office a call at 734-779-9999, everyone you talk to at our firm will treat you with the respect you deserve.
  • Who are you hiring? - Some firms have 10 or more attorneys, and each time you visit them you will meet someone new!
    - Here we have just two, Peter and Jeri, they will both work with you from beginning to end on your case!

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